Welcome to Kilmore Quay Angling

Kilmore Quay has recently been made a Centre of Excellence for Angling by Failte Ireland. Our charter vessel ‘Karen Ann’ operates out of Kilmore Quay, Co. Wexford. “Karen Ann” is Department of Marine licensed and insured for 12 passengers, with an operational area of 20 miles from Kilmore Quay.

We comply with all safety regulations and the vessel is operated by an experienced and qualified Skipper. Our electronics comprise of modern fish finders and navigational equipment. We also have toilet facilities on board.

We offer day and evening fishing trips as well as boat trips around the Saltee Islands, which are a famous Bird Sanctuary. We also keep an eye out for whale sightings (such as Humpbacks, Minke and Fin Whales) and can offer whale watching trips when these whales have been spotted. We might even see a dolphin or two along the way!