We offer boat trips around the Saltee Islands to view the stunning scenery and renowned bird sanctuary. Give us a call on 085 1730323 for more information on these boat trips. For prices have a look at our price page.

The Saltee Islands are situated approximately 5 kilometres off the coast of Kilmore Quay, Co. Wexford. The larger Island, The Great Saltee, is the most famous, known especially as a bird sanctuary. This Island has been privately owned by the Neale Family since 1943.

The Saltees are a haven for sea birds from Gannets and Gulls to Puffins and Manx Shearwaters. These Islands lie on an important migratory route and are a popular stopping-off place for spring and autumn migrants. The Great Saltee also has a breeding population of Grey Seals.

These Islands were formed from some of the oldest rocks in Europe and because of this they are geologically unique in Ireland and of immense interest to Geologists.

€25 each x 6 persons or €130 per trip

For more information: Saltee Islands


What do you need to bring out with you on a boat trip around the Saltee Islands?

We adivse you to:
– wear both warm and waterproof clothing
– wellies/boots on a fresh day
– suntan lotion during the summer
– a camera can also come in handy as you never know when some unexpected sealife might appear!

How much does it cost to go out on the boat for a fishing trip?

Boat trips around the Saltee Island(s) are priced per person with a minimum number of passengers or a
minimum charge required before the boat can travel prices page.

Does the Karen Ann provide any other type of boat trips apart from boat trips/crusies around the Saltee Islands?

As well as boat cruises around the Saltee Islands, the Karen Ann also provides Fishing trips along with
Whale Watching trips.

Which of the Islands does the boat trip go around?

A number of factors will determine on the day which Island or indeed Islands we can go around. These include weather, time constraints, number of passengers etc